Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

Together, we’ll find the right plan for your small business.

A small business owner who cares about his employees. He wants to provide excellent care for them, but how, it’s so expensive… options…..then there is The Chamber Plan…..

Make the right decision.  Choose the Chamber Plan

Great companies depend on great employees, and great employees expect more than just a desk and a competitive salary. Employees want to feel appreciated and engaged. According to a recent Forbes magazine article, the number one influencer on employee retention was access to quality benefits.

And there’s simply no other employee benefit program that can compete with the Chambers Plan. Here’s why:

Rock solid rate stability

Traditional employee benefit programs are often little more than a claim filing service, with usage being reflected the very next year in corresponding rate increases. Not so with the Chambers Plan, where claims are pooled over more than 30,000 Canadian businesses, providing true insurance and much more rate stability. A plan you can actually use.

Retiree plans

Owners and managers face uncertainty every day - and that uncertainty shouldn’t linger into their retirement. Retiree plans are available to retiring Chambers Plan owners and principals, meaning you and your managers can enjoy the same peace of mind and protection from rising health, dental and prescription costs that you benefit from during your career..

Business Assistance Service

Running a small business is tough; you wear a lot of different hats and people look to you for answers. Included at no cost with every Chambers Plan program, lawyers, accountants and human resource professionals are just a phone call away, helping you deal with the tough questions and provide you with unbiased guidance.

Best Doctors®

With FREE access to every insured, connect your employees and their family members with the world’s top medical experts to ensure critical health decisions are made with the best possible counsel. When it matters most, provide support that distinguishes you as a world class employer.

Registered Retirement Saving Plan

There is strength in numbers, and offering a group Registered Retirement Savings Plan is something that valued employees expect. The Chambers Plan partnership with Manulife’s FutureStep® group RRSP program answers that expectation. It has the benefit of no plan administration fees, and no cost to you, the employer, other than any contributions you choose to make.

Integrated Payroll Processing

Doing payroll is not fun, it’s tedious, and stressful and staying up to date on CRA policies is a full time job. You already have plenty to do. This is why the Chambers Plan is partnered and integrated with Payworks, Canada’s fastest growing provider of Payroll, Human Resource and Time management solutions. Not only do they waive the $250 start-up fee for Chambers Plan members, but the mybenefitsLINK automatically shares employee information with Payworks, saving you time to do what you should be doing: focusing on your business.

You’re not just a number

Instead of call centres actually talk to a person. While we have over 30,000 participating businesses, we grew one client at a time. We know being able to contact the Chambers Plan and speaking with someone who ensures your needs are met is crucial for busy small business owners, as well as their employees.

Cost effectiveness

Money invested in employee benefits has a greater impact than a simple pay increase since it is not taxed to the same extent. Pay increases are impacted by employer payroll taxes and by employee income taxes. With a benefit plan, employer contributions are treated as a tax-deductible business expense, while employees receive health and dental benefits tax free. Reward your employees, not the CRA.

Tailored for the needs of small business

Finally, the Chambers Plan is tailored for the needs of small business, with no industry or family restrictions and no minimum size limit. Even groups as small as one can join the Plan.

Make the right decision for your team with the plan best suited for your small business. Choose the Chambers Plan!

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